The National Complaints Portal was produced following Her Majesty’s directives, the content of the constitution and the government program to develop a unified and integrated system for managing complaints that meets the aspirations and expectations of citizens.

The national complaints portal aims to receive complaints and grievances from citizens and ensure their processing and follow-up; to present solutions to citizens’ problems and to receive their observations, proposals and remarks.

This portal is a tool to promote the channels of interaction between the administration and the citizen and a means to evaluate the performance of the administration and to improve the quality of its services.


Become the channel and interaction tool most used by users and a bridge for constructive and fruitful communication. Our ambition is to give full freedom of expression and communication with administrations and public institutions.


  • Facilitate the submission and tracking of claims at any time, anywhere.
  • Save time and effort; promote the principle of social justice and fight corruption.
  • Give citizens the opportunity to participate in improving public services.

Portal services

The portal offers citizens a set of services, in particular :

  • Submit a request: which involves identifying the organization concerned and the introduction of personal information and necessary data relating to the nature of the request.
  • Track a claim and communicate with the administration: this requires the claim number and the complainant’s email address to access the tracking space for a complaint that allows you to view the status of its processing. This space also allows the sending of a message to the administration concerned and the attachment of new enclosures that can reinforce the content of the complaint.
  • Express the level of satisfaction after the treatment: The citizen can assess the response of the administration and express his level of satisfaction with this service.
  • Re-open a complaint: In the case of doubt or non-conviction, the citizen can re-open his complaint to process it again.
  • Statistics: allow the citizen to have a global  view on the indicators the figures related to the complaints.
  • Questions and answers: these are the answers to the most frequently asked questions by users about complaints.

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